Molo | A New Cognitive Methodology

Figure 1. Molo
Emolog tree containing: entry, tags, and map
Figure 2. Emlog information map
The landing screen for a 2017 application design called Emolog.
Figure 3. Emolog splash screen
Figure 4. Emolog screens
Figure 5. Emolog data entry screens
Figure 6. Emolog data visualization screens
emlog graph containing “level” as the Y axis and “time” as the X axis
Figure 7. Emlog chart
emlog graph containing spiritual and memory levels over time
Figure 8. Emlog chart showing spiritual and memory levels
A graph of emlog points (sadness, peacefulness, and happiness) at memory level over time
Figure 9. An emlog chart with sad, peaceful, and happy memory plots




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Chanel Mignon van Eeden

Chanel Mignon van Eeden

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